Honeywell Control Motor M7284C1000

Part Number: M7284C1000

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Brand: Honeywell

Control Motor, 4-20mA control signal, 120V, Non-Spring Return, 2 Auxilary Switches, 150 in-lbs Torque



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Honeywell M7284C1000 Modutrol IV Non-Spring Return Motor

Application: Electric
Dimensions: 7 in. H x 10 in. W x 8 in. D
Includes: Transformer and Screw Terminal Adapter
Weight: 7.5 lb

M7284C1000 non-spring return actuator motors control dampers and valves. Accepting a current or voltage signal from an electronic controller to position a damper or valve at any point between open and closed.

  • Modutrol IV Motor
  • 120 VAC
  • Non Spring Return
  • 150 Lb-In Torque
  • 30-60 Second Nominal Timing
  • Integral Junction Box Provides Nema 3 Weather Protection
  • 4-20 Ma Control Signal
  • 90-160 Degree Stroke
  • 90 Degree Factory Stroke Setting
  • Foot Mounted
  • Dual Ended Square Shaft
  • Modulating
  • Includes Transformer and Screw Terminal Adapter
  • 2 Internal Auxiliary Switches

• Integral junction box provides NEMA 3 weather protection
• Motor and circuitry operate from 24 VAC
• Quick-connect terminals are standard, screw terminal adapter available
• Adapter bracket for matching shaft height of older motors available
• Motors have field adjustable stroke (90A to 160A)
• Integral auxiliary switches available factory mounted, or can be added in the field
• Dual shafts, slotted and tapped on both ends – all models
• Auxiliary switch cams – all models
• Fixed torque throughout the entire voltage range
• Designed for normally open or normally closed valves and dampers

Electrical Connections:
Power Consumption:
Ambient Temperature Range:
Internal Auxiliary Switch:
Auxiliary Switch Ratings:
Shaft Dimensions:
Control Signal:
Fail Safe Mode:
Torque Rating:
Torque Rating:
External Auxiliary Switches:
Shaft Rotation:
Factory Stroke Setting
Timing, Nominal:
Shaft Dimensions
Motor shafts:
Deadweight Load on Shaft:
Internal Transformer:
50 Hz, 60 Hz
Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Listed: File No. E4436, Guide No. XAPX for USA and Canada
Screw terminals
Voltage 120V
Driving – 15 VA
EN55011 (Emission) EN50082-2 (Immunity) 73/23/EEC (LVD)
-40 F to +150 F / -40 C to +60 C
AFL-120 Vac- 7.2A, ALR-120 Vac- 43.2A; AFL – 240 Vac- 3.6A; ALR-240 Vac- 21.6A
Adjustable; 90 to 160 degrees, Symmetrical
0.375 in Square Modulating, 4-20 mA
Non-Spring Return
150 lb-in.
17 Nm
Clockwise upon control signal increase – as viewed from powerend, normally closed
90 degrees
30-60 sec
10 mm Square
Dual-ended shaft
Either End-200 lbs., Combined on both Shafts- 300 lbs.