Manufacturer warrants that the equipment proposed herein of their manufacture shall be free of defects in workmanship or materials for a period of one year from date of shipment. Should any failure or defect appear within one year of date of shipment, manufacturer shall, upon written notification of said failure and substantiation that the equipment has been stored, installed, erected, maintained, and operated in accordance with good industry practice and in accordance with manufacturer’s instruction, correct such nonconformity by repair or replacement, FCA Shipping Point. This warranty does not cover labor or transportation charges for the removal, exchange or reinstallation of the equipment.

Engineered Combustions Systems shall not be responsible, nor shall allowance be made, for work done, equipment furnished or for repairs or replacements made by the purchaser or others, either with or without purchaser’s approval, unless prior written approval is made to the purchaser by the manufacturer. Any unauthorized repairs or parts will void the warranty.

Products or goods manufactured by others, supplied by Engineered Combustion Systems are covered by the original equipment manufacturer warranty. However, Engineered Combustion Systems will act as an intermediary for all warranty disputes.

Freight damage is specifically excluded from this warranty and is the responsibility of the purchaser and the carrier.

Damage as a result of effect of corrosion, erosion, excessive heat, freezing, dirt, dust or foreign materials and normal wear for that application are specifically excluded from this warranty.