Maxon Automatic Gas Vent Valve 100SMA21-AA11-BB22A0

Part Number: 100SMA21-AA11-BB22A0

Manufacturer: Maxon

Brand: Maxon

Automatic gas vent valve, 1.0″ NPT, normally open, 120 vac/60Hz, (2) Valve Open and Valve Closed Switches.



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Maxon Automatic Gas Vent Valve 100SMA21-AA11-BB22A0

Application: Electric

Honeywell Maxon 100SMA21-AA11-BB22A0 Normally Closed Electromechanical Safety Shut-Off Valves with Automatic Reset for Natural Gas Service

  • 1” NPT Threaded Connection
  • 120 vac/60Hz
  • 2 Valve Open and Valve Closed Switches
  • BUNA O-Rings & Bumper
  • 400 Stainless Steel Seat
  • Standard Port, Cv 20
  • Motor/Solenoid: 115V 60HZ
  • SMA21; Automatic Safety Shut off Valve
  • Normally-open vent valve
  • Hardened Ductile Iron Disc
  • PEEK follower ring
  • 6 second timing
• The valve is designed to return to normal position instantly with any interruption in the electric power supplied through your safety circuit.
• Motorized automatic reset actuators are used where remote access or unmanned applications are needed.
• Manual reset actuators require operating personnel to be physically present to actuate the valve from its rest position.
• Maxon switch assemblies provide positive valve position – open or closed. They also comply with proof of closure requirements and are easily integrated with an analog control system, Distributed Control System (DCS) or Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). They are also IP 67 rated, sealed switches included for Non-incendive valves.
• Maxon Normally-closed shut-off valves utilize power to open. Removal of electrical signal allows instantaneous release of the holding mechanism, allowing the powerful closing spring to close the valve in less than one second. Normally-open vent valves utilize power to close.
• All Maxon valves are electrically actuated from a power source through the flame safeguard and/or safety control circuits. Standard valve assemblies include an internal holding solenoid on standard flow and CP body constructions, or a printed circuit board on high capacity valves. The solenoid (or printed circuit board) is energized whenever the valve is powered. The motor operator on automatic reset valves is powered only during the opening stroke for normally-closed valves, or the closing stroke for normally-open versions.
• Maxon electro-mechanical valves are endurance tested far in excess of the most stringent requirements of the various approval agencies. They are designed for long life even if frequently cycled, and to be as maintenance-free and trouble-free as possible. A valve operational test should be performed on an annual basis.
• Honeywell Maxon new model designation for Automatic valves (S for standard port).
• Designed for normally open or normally closed valves and dampers.