Maxon Industrial Burner OPLE10-SUNSS11DCS

Part Number: OPLE10-SUNSS11DCS

Manufacturer: Honeywell

Brand: Maxon

1,000,000 BTU/hr Packaged OP-LE Oven Burner, standard pilot, UV provisions, natural gas, standard 310SS sleeve, 230/460/3/60 blower, filter assembly, bracket with linkage for Honeywell modutrol motor, Omron low and high position switches



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The Honeywell Maxon Ovenpak LE Burners belong to the category of nozzle-mixing gas burners, suitable for various industrial direct-fired purposes that demand clean combustion and high turndown capabilities. These burners are uncomplicated and adaptable, catering to diverse heating applications. Gas moves through the nozzle, subsequently blending with combustion air inside the burner cone swiftly. This process generates an extensive turndown range and maintains a consistently stable flame across different operational circumstances.

  • Operates on low gas supply pressures
  • Clean combustion with low NOx and CO levels
  • Compact burner design provides quick and easy installation
  • Balanced pressured design for easy commissioning and adjustment
  • Visible ignition action speeds commissioning and maintenance
  • High turndown for exceptional process controls