Siemens Control Unit LMV51.140C1

Part Number: LMV51.140C1

Manufacturer: Siemens

Brand: Siemens

Purge Timer 7 Seconds



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The LMV51.140C1 includes integrated linkage-less control, burner flame safeguard, and modulating PID control. The LMV51 controls up to 3 actuators simultaneously, with 900 highly repeatable actuator positions for precise control.

• Burner control, including gas valve proving
• Electronic fuel-air ratio control for a maximum of 6 actuators
• Optional PID temperature/pressure controller (load controller)
• Optional VSD module
• Optional O2 control and an O2 monitor (with PLL52 and QGO2)

Brand: Siemens
Mfg. P/N: LMV51.140C1